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December 12, 2006
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Let's Cuddle by Bk-Radiohead Let's Cuddle by Bk-Radiohead
Saryu and Angela toguether!!! :boogie:...
Yesh, he's a boy *belive it or not* O3O... so don't say something to hate you _... hehe, j/k :giggle:

What you need to know; Saryu has a crush on Angela the first time he watched her by some special reason, but Angela doesn't know her feelings for him because even when she finally found somebody that loves her she's afraid of him becuse she know how spooky he can be O.O;... belive me that he's a insane freak inside >3<

So I'm trying to practice more, this time a couple! *3*, of course there's stuff that I need to take care and fix, and pehaps I would finish this drawing soon, but now I'm going to piss you off with scribble spam :mwahaha:

I just needed to submit something, I'm dA addicted ^^;
Wahhh!!! I want to start drawing hima and other characters in my manga, but I still drawing the first issue TToTT... well, good bye, I suppose to wake up in... 3 hrs @3@

Thanks for watching!!! :thanks:
Bye! :yawnstretch:

Music: Flyleaf - Tiny Heart
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vandalk Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, the drawing is really nice, but the interaction between both characters is kind of strange... anyway, nice work!
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
"Let's cuddle = I can't/don't feel like getting it up!"

Cool drwg anyways!
Arima-Namie Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2006
hehe, he almost looks like he's got a mischievous grin going on like he's won some kind of game, like 'haha, i got to put my arm around you'. Hee hee. ^^ Nice job on her facial expression, she definitely has the "do i really want to be here?" look, or maybe even borderline " could let go of me now..." but is too shy to say it. I like the clothes too. I understand your predicament w/males, sometimes my men come out looking girly also. -.- Esp when I give them long hair, it seems no matter how manly of features I try to emphasize in them they look like girls if they have long hair (at least at first glance). Sometimes that works to my advantage tho, some ppl really like that. hehe : P Making male faeries is esp hard, because when ppl see faerie wings they automatically think "female". -.-
GunnerYuna Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2006
Bk-Radiohead Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2006
yeah ^-^

watermelon-skater Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
mmmmm i wanted to look at this one, so i search through all those like 9283734629237 deviations that i havent looked at :S i guess i should look at them!

Atm, im just looking at yours!

Gahhh your so cooote, you know that dont you? :glomp:
Vampire-Maiden Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
i really like this drawing. i love yer art period, but this one really catches my eye
MukatKiKaarn Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A very nice couple picture ^^ They're very well posed next to one another, and they feel together, and not simply side-by-side. The only think I'd change is how Saryu's right arm is positioned... I'd probably have it angled towards Angela, like his hand is resting on her hip or side. This would feel more affectionate than simply letting the arm hang at his side-- after all, he does have a crush on her, right?

Other than that, this is a wonderful picture, with a great mood to it. ^^ Excellent work.
nanapagoshipa Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
I like the girl's facial expression... It's unique and I also like the way you drawed the eyes....
ArchangelDream Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
Pointy boobs. Won't those hurt when they cuddle? @_@

I love Saryu's expression.
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